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$60 buy-in tournament, about 30 players, starting with 2000 in chips. Long story short, with five players left and four paying places, we decided to chop the pot. As chip leader, I walked away with the most money...and an IRS form. Ah, well.

I only had to lay down one horrendous beat, when my TT drew out against JJ. Other than that, I felt I played very well. Some notable hands:

Blinds: 25/50. QQ in middle position, all the players on my right fold to me. I raise to 200. 1 caller to my left, another out of the blinds. Flop: J98, rainbow. I bet 600, the player to my left calls, the blind folds. I put him on a straight draw. Fourth street: 5. I check. He checks. River: 7. Any ten can beat me. But the pot is big enough that my only options are to check and fold or go all-in, and about 1/3 of my chips already in the pot. I go all-in. He folds. Whew.

Blinds: 100/200. Fold to me with KQ in middle position. I try to raise, but do it improperly -- the new dealer is strict about the rules where the previous one was not. So I end up having to call. The SB and BB call/check. Flop: AT8, all hearts, of which I have none. SB and BB check to me. After my aborted attempt to raise before the flop, I figure I still have respect, and make a continuation bet the size of the pot. SB and BB fold. Yay.

Blinds: 200/400. In the BB with J4 and two callers. Flop: JJJ. Holy crap. SB checks, I check, 1st checks. Turn: 5. SB bets 1000. I'm doing cartwheels inside as I try to call in such a way that indicates I don't believe him, or maybe I have an Ax. I'm hoping he has a 5. The other player folds. Turn: K. Now I'm hoping he's holding a King, but instead he checks. I bet 1000, he calls, and life is good.

Blinds: 1000/2000, 6 players left. I'm in the BB with J9s. Fold to the SB, who goes all-in with his last 5500, and it's 3500 for me to call. As long as he has a pair under TT, and I'm not dominated (which is less likely the worse cards you hold) I'm getting the right pot odds to play, and I have him covered. I call, and he turns over 66, and I'm getting even better odds that I hoped for. I draw out on him, making two pair, and am happy indeed.

As soon as we were one place away from the money, I got more aggressive, figuring the other players would just try to stick around. Stealing blinds with crap like, J8, 86, T8s is very satisfying. One guy kept calling for us to chop the pot; as my chips grew, and no-limit Hold 'Em being what it is, I was happy to walk away with a good profit and the most money.

Some poor schmoe who was probably chip leader busted out with two consecutive horrendous beats; he's the guy who I drew out against with TT vs. JJ, and on the very next hand, he was in the lead KJ vs. QJ, and the flop comes out T98. Ouch.



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