Went home this weekend for my mom's birthday.


We arrive at 11:30pm on Friday night to find Mom, Mai, and Rissa playing 5x5 Boggle, 5-letter minimum, and being promptly informed that the best word of the night has been "reelected". I, of course, am forced to join them as they play for another hour.

([livejournal.com profile] cute_fuzzy_evil, they were duly impressed by "podiatrists".)

I am also told my nephews Chris and Ryan tried to stay up so they could play MarioKart and Super Smash Bros. Melee with me as soon as I arrived. Alas, they are unable to stay awake, but leave me a message before giving in: "Squishy".


Much of breakfast is spent talking about great restaurants we have eaten at.

We watch Kung Fu Hustle, as Rissa is horrified Mai hasn't yet had the chance to see it. Watching it dubbed (for the munchkins) and with subtitles is a bit surreal, and surprising.

More evidence is gathered that my nephew Chris is better than me at Super Smash Bros, and is a maddening trash-talker to boot. I am despondent but grudgingly and slightly proud. I remain, however, a superior MarioKart player.

I give Soul Calibur II to my nephews. Perhaps, after years of rigorous training, they will be worth fighting someday.

Food baskets received from Dad's patients are opened and their contents assessed, judged, and divided up by my sisters and me.

The relative merits of Krull are briefly discussed.

I introduce my nephews and Rissa to Orisinal and The Sect of Homokaasu. They are particularly fond of These Little Pigs. I am a bit mortified when I realize one of the games from the latter site is named "Fuck It". I don't know if the little ones notice.

After an excellent dinner at a fine restuarant spend trying to keep the munchkins under control, the rest of the evening is spent playing Mahjong, which I only recently learned after 28 years of watching others play.


While Mom and I agree that the best way to cook bacon is in a frying pan, she chooses convenience over quality. I am shamed.

I fend off further requests to have my ass handed to me at SSBM and MarioKart; citing my need to shower as an excuse works for about an hour.

After a long lunch at a dimsum restaurant, I am sent home with a shopping bag of food and a sore throat I suspect one of the munchkins gave me.



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