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I imagine there are other arguments, as well as criticisms of my own, and I'd be happy to hear and respond to them.

Have at me.
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I'm actually fairly pleased with Damon going to the Yankees.

I see the Yankees paying around $60 million to a 32-year-old about to enter the steep slope of your average decline phase, and whose game is built around the first thing to go -- speed. My guess is that in two years, the NYY will be blowing $13m a year on a player who will be league-average at best, and might even be about on a par with today's Bernie Williams. Sure, they get a slight boost for the next couple of years, but Johnny Damon, while a good player, isn't a great one. Plus, (I think) they give up a first-round pick to Boston next draft.

Meanwhile, the Sox, while contenders for 2006, are really rebuilding for 2007/8, I think. Should they hold on to Marte (and they'd fucking better), he'll be a kickass 3B for as long as he's with Boston. Dustin Pedroia, who projects to be solid, will be around to cover SS by then. Should they acquire Reed, while he wasn't particularly notable with Seattle, he's got upside, and can at least fill in adequately in CF for about $11m cheaper than Captain Caveman. Hell, Josh Beckett's still only 25! Sure, he's an annual big injury risk, but so was Pedro, and the Sox seemed to be able to get the best out of him.

Plus, they're jettisoning expensive older players (Mueller, Millar) who have nowhere to go but down, performance-wise. If someone tasty becomes available on the trade market this year, or the free agent market next year, the Sox have the financial flexibility to go out and get him.



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